Premium 1000GSM Drying Towel

Premium 1000GSM Drying Towel

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Ultra absorbent and super plush is the perfect combination when it comes to contact drying your vehicle safely and the Love Detail Premium Drying Towel is exactly that.

Made of a blend of premium polyamide and polyester, the plush microfibre towel will prevent surface damage that lower grade towels would inflict. The hem is made up of the same material to create an all round user friendly experience.

Mist water on to towel to dampen or start with vehicle glass then work top down until vehicle is dry. If towel becomes full squeeze the towel to release water. Avoid wringing as this damages microfibre. 

• 80x60 (cm)

• Ultra absorbent

• Low risk of surface damage

Microfibre Care:

Machine washable at 40°c. Dedicated microfibre wash is advised to correctly break down and remove all traces of product in towel. Rinse cycle should be used to completely remove detergent to avoid underperformance of towel. Tumble drying encouraged to re open microfibre. If a tumble dryer isn't available, air dry at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Do not hang outside on washing line. It is advised to only wash towels that have served purpose to the same job to avoid cross contamination.

For more information, please contact us directly and one of our experienced staff will be happy to advise.